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Penn State Worthington Scranton offers you huge advantages. Students interact with world class faculty. They benefit from a large, research-oriented University. Our learning environment remains warm, personal, uniformly excellent and all about you.


First-Year Student

First-year students are those who have earned high school diplomas or the equivalent (GED) by the time they enroll at Penn State.  These applicants include high school graduates who have attempted fewer than 18 semester hours, and individuals who have enrolled in other institutions before graduating from high school, regardless of the number of credits attempted.

Transfer Student

Transfer applicants are those who have earned high school diplomas or the equivalent and who have attempted at least 18 semester credits at other regionally accepted colleges or universities before enrolling at Penn State.  If you have completed less than 18 credits at another college or university, you are considered a first-year student.

Adult Student

An adult learner who is 24 years of age or older, a veteran of the armed services or returning to school after four or more years of employment, homemaking or other activity or a person who assumes multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, employee, and student.

International Student

Penn State Worthington Scranton loves the enrichment opportunities that international students bring to our campus community as they pursue a degree that is respected world wide. Our interest in diversity and learning about other parts of the world extends beyond the classroom and is highlighted through a variety of special lectures and programs.  Also, we are conveniently located near Philadelphia and New York City.

Dual Enrollment Students

Penn State Worthington Scranton offers high school students the opportunity to take college courses on campus at a nearly 50 percent grant-in-aid. This enables students to get the college experience and earn college credits while still in high school.