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Carpe’ Diem! Welcome to college life as a student at Penn State Worthington Scranton. This really is Your Time. Student Life at Penn State Worthington Scranton is all about you - expanding the person you are and the dreams you can dream. This is your campus and your time here is precious. Involve the whole person – all of yourself – in and out of the classroom. People and services are here to help you reach your goals and to create new ones. This is Your Time – make it count!

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Your academic life - life's gift of being a student - provides a special portal for exploration and learning. Indeed, the traditions of learning are ancient and you are now part of that world. Approach learning with focus. Ask for help when you need it and expect the people and places at Penn State Worthington Scranton to respond. This is your time and the many fields of study at Penn State are here to explore. 

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Penn State Worthington Scranton sits literally atop the Lackawanna Valley - a Valley with a rich ethnic, social, cultural, industrial, political and even environmental history. Penn State Worthington Scranton students can avail themselves of events - on and off campus - that respond to the very human, personal needs we all have. Immerse yourself in art, history, the burgeoning music scene, theatre, athletic events and much much more. Just don't stand still. Have fun! This is Your Time and there is so much to do. Listed on  this website are a wealth of campus sponsored events. Can't find one you like - create one. We'll help.

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Student Life
Student life is as rich and diverse as each student who comes to Penn State Worthington Scranton. Every student brings their hopes, aspirations, talents, tools, and dreams. Respect them for what they bring, who they are, and where they wish to go. This truly is their time and your's too. The friends you make can last a lifetime. Choose well, and make your memories of college life at Penn State Worthington Scranton great ones. ...more »