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Learning Center Policies

The following policies were established to facilitate efficiency and provide equal opportunity for students to access services.

  1. Arrive on time.  The tutor will provide you with a 10 minute grace period to show up for your appointment.  After 10 minutes, your appointment will be forfeited and marked as a no-show.
  2. No-Show Policy.  If a student misses three scheduled appointments for any reason, they will be removed from the schedule and will not be permitted to schedule appointments for the remainder of that semester.
  3. Cancellations.  If you are not able to attend your tutoring appointment, visit the online scheduler or notify the Learning Center at 963-2678 as soon as possible.  Cancellations that occur with less than 4 hours notice from the scheduled appointment time will be considered a no-show.
  4.  Number of Sessions.  Students may schedule one appointment per subject at a time.  You may schedule another appointment at the end of the tutoring session.  Students may schedule a maximum of 3 tutoring appointments (up to an hour in length) per subject per week.  Multiple tutoring appointments for one subject in one day are not permitted.  Students may be asked to meet with the Learning Center Coordinator after they complete 3 hours of tutoring in a subject.
  5. Drop In Tutoring.  The Learning Center offers drop in tutoring each semester.  Please see the current schedule posted in the Center Please be aware that the Learning Center can get very busy.  There may be times when a tutor is meeting with other students during drop in hours and a student cannot be seen.  Scheduling an appointment can help to avoid this problem.
  6. Courses Covered.  The Learning Center provides tutoring for many courses offered at PSWS.  If there is not a tutor in a course you need help with, every effort will be put forth to locate, hire, and train a suitable tutor for your request. Please note that, due to the time involved in completing the employment process, it may take several weeks to hire a tutor. The earlier you seek a tutor, the better!  After Week 10, appointments will be scheduled only for a class with established tutors: new tutors will not be hired after this point.
  7. Student Enrollment.  Individuals receiving tutoring must be currently enrolled at PSWS.
  8. Take Home Exams.  Take home exams are not permitted in the Learning Center.  Period.
  9. Location.  All tutoring appointments will take place in the Learning Center – SLC 11, the Hawk Student Success Center, unless approved by the Learning Center Coordinator.
  10. Preparation.  Students are expected to come to their sessions prepared.  Students must be attending class, completing the required readings, attempting homework, and preparing questions for the tutor.  Students are also expected to bring their notebook, textbook, and current assignment to the tutoring session.
  11. Test Day Tutoring.  Cram tutoring sessions on a test day are ineffective and discouraged.  Tutoring has a greater impact on grades when the student attends tutoring on a regular basis.
  12. Tutor Expectations.  The Learning Center is staffed by professional, faculty and peer tutors who will not teach the course to you.  We will help you improve your understanding of materials.  Tutors will not tell you the answers or complete your assignments for you.
  13. Reality Check.  Tutoring is a learning process that which requires time, effort, and commitment.  Waiting until the last minute to seek assistance (i.e. right before an exam) is an ineffective approach towards tutoring and learning.







Eileen Giovagnoli, Learning Center Coordinator
Study Learning Center
Hawk Student Success Center
Room 13


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