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Part I
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Part II
Current Status - check answer that applies

I have accepted employment in my field of preparation.
I have accepted employment in another field.
I am unemployed but actively seeking employment.
I have offers of employment but have not made a decision.
Employment is not an important consideration to me at this time; personal enrichment was my primary reason for coming to  Penn State.
I have been accepted by a college, university or professional school.
I have applied to a college, university or professional school
but not yet been accepted.
Part III - If you have accepted employment, please complete this section;
otherwise go to Part IV.
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To What degree do you utilize skills acquired in your academic program
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How did you obtain your job?
I was employed before graduation, and I am continuing with that job.
Penn State Career Services Center
Academic Department or College
Personal Referral
Public Employment Agency
Private Employment Agency
Newspaper Advertisement
Co-op or Internship
Military Experience
Career Link
Your identity and salary will remain confidential. The information you provide will
help us to average salary figures for each academic major. In addition, the
number of graduates furthering their education will be reported, and a
list of companies that hire our graduates will be compiled.
Part IV - If a college, university or professional school for further study has
accepted you, please complete the following:
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Starting Date:
Degree sought:
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Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
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Part V
Rate how the Career Services Center assisted you in career development.
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