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 Our computer labs are funded with the student's Information Technology Fee dollars.
Computer Lab or Classroom Workstations
Dawson 115 - Open Lab 40
Dawson 114 - Classroom/Lab 16
Dawson 117 - Classroom/Lab 15
Dawson 119 - Classroom/Lab 17
Dawson 213A - Classroom 16
SLC 37 - Classroom (laptops) 26
SLC Learning Center 5
Wireless Checkout Laptops for use in Library only 24
Wireless Checkout Laptops for on campus use 7
Physics Lab 5
Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab 1
Nursing Lab 4
Computer Lab or Classroom Workstations Equipment


Dawson 116 Computer Lab
Regular Fall/Spring Semester
Monday thru Thursday - 8am-10:00pm
Friday - 8am-5pm
Saturday - CLOSED
Sunday - 3pm-9pm
Hours during breaks and the summer semester to be determined.
Please call IT Support at 570-963-2551 for current hours.

Other classrooms and labs may be available during regular campus hours when classes are not in the room.

Penn State students are expected to follow Penn State network security policies. Please use technology wisely. You are responsible for your Access Account and will be held accountable for any problems associated with its use.

Individuals are expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using the University's computers, information, networks or resources. Computer users in the academic community should be aware of relevant laws, policies, and guidelines.

Relevant Penn State computing policies can be found at http://its.psu.edu/policies/


Not all labs and classrooms have the same software loaded on the computers. Please see the IT Staff in Dawson 116 for a list of labs and available software.