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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Submit My Immunization Records?

There are several medical requirements that you need to complete.  The Pennsylvania State University requires all degree-seeking students to be adequately immunized against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and to submit their immunization information electronically.  You will be able to access the secure website either before you receive your notice to attend FTCAP (using your Friends of Penn State access account ID) or after you have registered for classes (using your Penn State access account ID).

To access this website, click on the large orange oval at the top of the University Health Services (UHS) homepage (www.sa.psu.edu/uhs) labeled “Medical Entrance Requirements for New Students”.  Follow this link to a step-by-step guide for reporting your immunization and health history information online.  These requirements must be met in order to register for your second semester at Penn State.

You will also find links on this site to information regarding the meningitis immunization, other recommended immunizations and medical clearance to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

We encourage you to print a copy of all reported information for your records.

Please call me at (570) 963-2681 if you have any questions or have problems submitting your information online.

If students do not submit their immunization records online, their Penn State records will be put on "hold" (students will not be able to schedule or attend classes).

Do I Need a Physical to Attend Penn State?

You do not need a physical to attend Penn State.  However, if you plan on playing varsity sports, you will need a physical prior to practice for the sport.

Do I Need a Meningitis Vaccine?

The meningitis immunization is mandatory for any student living in a dorm.  Penn State Worthington Scranton does not have dorms so you do not need the vaccine to attend our campus.  However, it is highly recommended that you get the meningitis immunization.

What "Shots"are Mandatory to Attend Penn State?

You have to provide documentation of two immunizations for measles, and two for mumps and  for rubella or documentation of immunity against the disease. Suggested immunizations include tetanus/diphtheria, hepatitis B and chicken pox (unless you have had the disease).

What Happens if I Don't Have My Immunizations?

If you do not have your required MMR (measles, mumps, German measles), you will be put on a hold and will not be able to enroll for the following semester. If you have any questions regarding this, you can call Health Services at
(570) 963-2681.

Does Penn State Have an Insurance Plan?

Yes, for more information, contact University Park at 814-865-7467. Email (inquiries only) can be made to info@studentresources.net