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Student Government Association Logo

       Student Government Association (SGA)

       The Student Government Association (SGA), the representative voice of the student
body, is composed of elected officers, members, and representatives from the various clubs. 

The SGA sponsors various functions for the Penn State Worthington Scranton student body:

  • Assists campus student organizations
  • Generally promotes student welfare
  • Representative voice of the student body
  • Sponsors functions for WS student body
  • Assists other campus student organizations
  • Promotes student welfare
  • Works with Student Senate to hear the students voice




SGA Executive Board

President: Elizabeth Edgar                                   eoe5049@psu.edu

Vice President: Johnny Finley                              jif5233@psu.edu 

Chief of Staff:  Abigayle Kerr                                aak5318@psu.edu

Treasurer: Jerry Palauskas                                   jpp5230@psu.edu

Communications Director: Nathanel MacIntire      njm5281@psu.edu

Chief Justice:  Adam Crimi                                   aic5771@psu.edu

Senate Leader: Nate Tan                                     net5075@psu.edu

THON Co-Chair: Mat Acevedo                               mva5345@psu.edu

THON Co-Chair: Olivia DelVecchio                         omd5016@psu.edu


    Student Senate                                                        Senate Logo

The Student Senate of Penn State Worthington is comprised of eight senators that represent the student make up of the campus. The Senate meets weekly to listen to and discuss student concerns. These meetings are open to all students at Penn State Worthington Scranton. We welcome you to join us!

As a Student Senate member you will take part in multiple committees, student government activities and meetings, proposing and passing legislation and much more. It is a great way to get involved at Penn State Worthington Scranton, especially if you are interested in making friends and gaining leadership qualities that will provide you with the experience of a professional work setting.


Student Senate Membership


If you are interested in joining the Student Senate please contact Nate Tan in the Student Government Office (net5075@psu.edu) for more information and an application.