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Chancellor's Cabinet

The Chancellor's Cabinet serves in an advisory capacity to PSWS's chancellor on all matters pertaining to effective campus operations. This includes resource needs, implementation and assessment of campus strategy progress, security, and other matters that impact daily operations. Individually, cabinet members provide functional area leadership, insights, and direction to the planning process as it relates to their area of responsibility.

The cabinet meets weekly.  Agenda items may be submitted to the Chancellor's administrative support coordinator.   Guests may be invited to the meeting to facilitate discussion or resolution of an agenda item.

Campus Organizational Chart


Dr. Marwan Wafa

Marwan Wafa
Phone: (570) 963-2639 | Email: mawafa@psu.edu
Office: 105 Dawson Building

H. Durell Johnson

H. Durell Johnson
Interim Chief Academic Officer 
Phone: (570) 963-2510 | Email: hdj2@psu.edu
Office: 7 Dawson Building


Kim Bogdan
Finance Officer
Phone: (570) 963-2519 | Email: kao7@psu.edu
Office: 8 Dawson Building

Sandra Feather

Sandra Feather
Director of Enrollment Management / Admissions
Phone: (570) 963-2626 | Email: sjf16@psu.edu
Office: 5 Dawson Building

Matt Nied

Matthew Nied
Interim Director of Student Affairs
Phone: (570) 963-2690 | Email: mdn11@psu.edu
Office: 20 Student Learning Center (Hawk Student Success Center) 

Gene Grogan

Gene Grogan
Director of Business Services
Phone: (570) 963-2516 | Email: etg1@psu.edu
Office: 8 Dawson Building

Maria Russoniello

Maria Russoniello
Director of Development
Phone: (570) 963-2538 | Email: mjr1@psu.edu
Office: 104 Dawson Building

Marilee Mulvey

Marilee Mulvey
Director of Information Technology
Phone: (570) 963-2552 | Email: mrm9@psu.edu
Office: 116 Dawson Building

John Drake

John Drake
Director of Continuing Education
Phone: (570) 963-2602 | Email: jcd15@psu.edu
Office: 108 Gallagher Conference Center

Meg Hatch

Dr. Meg Hatch
Faculty Representative
Phone: (570) 963-2529 | Email: mih10@psu.edu
Office: 105 Dawson Building



Amy Gruzesky

Amy Gruzesky
Coordinator, Community Relations and Communications
Phone: (570) 963-2580 | Email: alg20@psu.edu
Office: 204 Dawson Building


Lori Deffley
Human Resources Manager 4
Phone: (570) 578-8990 | Email: lkd16@psu.edu
Office: 105 Business Building
Penn State Hazleton/Wilkes-Barre/Worthington Scranton