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Nursing department gets new Sim Man patient simulator

Nursing students, faculty and donor with Sim Man patient simulator
From left: Justyna Ferguson, instructor in nursing; nursing students Samantha Mullen, Traci McFeely, and Kelly Kilcoyne; Yvette Wentland of the Robert Y. Moffat Family Charitable Trust; and Mike Evans, asst. chief academic officer and nursing instructor.
3/25/2014 —

The Robert Y. Moffat Family Charitable Trust has once again displayed its strong interest in furthering nursing education in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond with its recent gift of $60,000 to purchase a new Sim Man for nursing students at Penn State Worthington Scranton.  


Sim Man is a realistic, full-body adult, patient simulator which provides comprehensive clinical functions needed to teach the essential skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.


The Sim Man includes wireless, touch-screen simulated patient monitors that give concise clinical feedback to students including snapshots of 12 lead ECGs and patient X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and other diagnostic tools. Devices like Sim Man have revolutionized nursing education by creating literally hundreds of real-life health scenarios that students would never have an opportunity to experience during their clinical rotations in the field.


The Robert Y. Moffat Family Charitable Trust has been a loyal supporter of the nursing curriculum at Worthington Scranton with gifts totaling close to $200,000. In addition to Sim Man, they have supported the renovation of the Nursing Lab, the campus’ annual Pediatric Health Fair and outreach activities for the elderly.  

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