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Worthington Scranton Graduates 207 Students

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5/14/2010 —

Penn State Worthington Scranton held its 41st Commencement on Friday, May 14 during a ceremony in the school’s Multi-Purpose Building. 


Penn State Worthington Scranton Chancellor Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D., presided, and Thomas F. Zenty III, CEO of University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH, and a Penn State alumnus, was the commencement speaker. 


Penn State Worthington Scranton granted baccalaureate degrees in American Studies; Business; Elementary and Kindergarten Education; Human Development and Family Studies; Information Sciences and Technology; Letters, Arts and Sciences; Law and Society; and Nursing.


Associate degrees were awarded in:  Building Engineering Technology; Business Administration; Human Development and Family Studies; Letters, Arts and Sciences; and Nursing.


Several students graduated with honors of distinction.  Graduating with highest distinction were: Russell A. Jacobs, Dalton; and Stephanie Kudey, Pittston.


Graduating with high distinction were:  Mary L. Cook, Waymart; Theresa A. Delfino, Scranton; Jennifer S. Dobitsch, Clarks Summit; Elayne K. Jones, Dunmore; Lora A. Nageli, Taylor; and Paul E. Zipprich, Hop Bottom.


Students graduating with distinction were: Michael J. Gentile, Dunmore; Gary A. Goodall, Old Forge; Karen M. Howard, Mayfield; Erika M. Johnson, Scranton; Paul J. Lennon, Lake Ariel; Zachary T. Rollison, Prompton; Patrick S. Ruddy, Simpson; Sara M. Snyder, Scranton; and Michelle Szymanski, Throop.


“We are very proud of our graduating students and we congratulate them on their accomplishments and all of their hard work,” said Dr. Krogh-Jespersen.  “We wish them all the best as they leave our campus to pursue their futures, and we are confident that they will be successful because we have provided them with a strong and solid foundation on which to build those futures.”


Introducing commencement speaker Thomas F. Zenty, III was Maryla Scranton, vice chair of the campus’ advisory board. Kathy Zielinski, president of the Penn State Worthington Scranton Alumni Society offered the alumni charge to the university’s newest alumni.


The following Penn State Worthington Scranton 2010 graduates, by Penn State College and degree earned are:


Bachelor of Arts in American Studies:  Angela M. Alu, Jessup; Rita C. Munifo, Vandling; Kevin E. Pittack, Jr., Jermyn; and Jordan M. Reedy, Gouldsboro.


Associate in Science in Business Administration:  Mary L. Cook, Waymart; Jennifer L. Coutts, Paupack; Amanda M. Deecke, Carbondale; Carissima A. Hodovanec, Peckville;  Paul J. Lennon, Lake Ariel; Anthony W. Naro, Scranton; and Cat M. Ozovek, Duryea.


Bachelor of Science in Business:  Kevin L. Balka, Scranton; Stephen R. Brazon, Laflin; Nichole L. Cebulko, Springbrook Twp.; Miguel A. Cepeda, Scranton; Matthew J. Cerminaro, Carbondale; Steven A. Chmil, Scranton; Colby F. Clark, Clarks Summit; Casey C. Cunningham, Scranton; Eileen M. Dailey, Dickson City; James Dartt, Dunmore; Theresa A. Delfino, Scranton; Brian L. Dimattia, Old Forge; Justin C. Dunmire, Throop; Nina M. Fletcher, Scranton; Thomas P. Fonash, Scott Twp.; Stephanie A. Frey, Peckville; Michael J. Gentile, Dunmore; Kyle O. Golden, Dunmore; Kyle W. Goldovich, Dickson City; Simon H. Goldstein, Jermyn; Joshua J. Grudzinski, Pittston Twp.; Alicia A. Honney, Throop; Felicia C. James, Tobyhanna; Jeremy R. Killstrom, Scranton; Summer M. Klikus, Carbondale; Rafal P. Krol, Greentown; Sebastian H. Krol, Greentown; Joseph Lacertoso, Dunmore; Vincent P. Leonardo, Olyphant; Danny J. Lin, Eynon; Stacy A. Lindsey, Scranton; Patrick W. Loughney Jr., Dunmore; Megan L. Mattern, Scranton; James M. McDermott, Avoca; Gordon B. Meade, Jefferson Twp.; Joseph P. Meade, Jefferson Twp.; Amy Milewski, Jermyn; Cassidy C. Miller, Peckville; Kathryn M. Miller, Carbondale; Nicole Montaro, Dunmore; Robert J. Nagurney, Throop; Julie A. Neri, Throop; Lauren A. Phillips, Archbald; Ashley A. Pinto, Madison Twp.;  Jonathan P. Pitoniak, Clarks Summit; Daniel Reining, Beach Lake; Angelo R. Rescigno, Scranton; Patrick J. Riggi, Dunmore; Joseph D. Ross, Dunmore; Jessica M. Sangster, Lake Ariel; Robin Schafer, Newfoundland; Mark Sebastian, Moosic; Marissa E. Sluko, Dunmore; Victoria R. Smolskis, Dunmore; Sara M. Snyder, Scranton; Janin K. Spangler, Scranton; James B. Stoklosa, Union Dale; Caitlin C. Turkos, Duryea; Joseph F. Ward, Lake Ariel; Brandy M. Wasch, Scott Twp.; Jason P. Wolfe, Olyphant; Jared W. Young, Dalton; and Marissa Young, Archbald.


Associate of Science in Human Development and Family Studies:  Diane C. Bridges, Jessup; Santa M. Burne, Dunmore; Geraldine Ferrer, Tobyhanna; Stephanie A. McDonald, Scranton; and Habiba Tajak, Scranton.


Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies:  Ellen S. Alexandre, Jermyn; Samantha J. Austin, Honesdale; Lisa E. Brady, Scott Twp.; Corey A. Chorba, Throop; Christie L. Colwell, Moscow; Althea M. Ganz, Dunmore; Lori L. Genetti, Scranton; Sarah M. Gould, Friendsville; Erika M. Johnson, Scranton; Elayne K. Jones, Dunmore; Robyn R. Klim, Moscow; Stephanie J. Kudey, Pittston; Lauren E. Loughney, Scranton; Tammy M. Marcinkevich, Scranton; Kenneth P. Meoni, Olyphant; Leslie A. Newberry, Peckville; Kelly A. Rebar, Dickson City; Stephanie M. Shekitka, Jessup; Amanda M. Speer, Dunmore; Ryan R. Taylor, Pittston; Danielle C. Weaver, Clarks Summit; and Danielle Wilk, Olyphant.


Associate Degree in Letters; Arts and Sciences: Dawn M. Acevedo, Moscow; Kaitlin A. Caputo, Roaring Brook Twp.; Jessica L. Comonie, Olyphant; Jill A. Digwood, Scranton; Allison G. Golembeski, Lake Ariel; Colette M. Vail, Throop; and Nikkel M. Walter, Scranton.


Bachelor of Arts in Letters Arts and Sciences:  Rani A. Crozier, Carbondale; Jennifer S. Dobitsch, Clarks Summit; Jacquelyn A. Leone, Scranton; Cindy M. Mintz, Scott Twp.; Tara R. Norton, Forty-Fort; Patrick S. Ruddy, Simpson; Morgan T. VonBergen, Madison Twp.; and Vincent E. Yazurlo Jr., Waymart.


Associate Degree in Engineering Technology/Building Engineering Technology:  John M. Berry Jr., Dunmore; Matthew K. Grasso, Taylor; Jonathan Grzech, Carbondale; Eric J. Rowits, Ephrata; and Paul E. Zipprich, Hop Bottom.


Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology:  Shawn M. Ashworth, Carbondale; Eric D. Bartels, Dunmore; John X. Bonomi, Milford; Michael J. Callahan, Cresco; Andrew Cerra III, Carbondale; Steven C. Cole, Lake Ariel; Christopher R. Cunningham, Moscow; Gary A. Goodall, Old Forge; Russell A. Jacobs, Dalton; Mike F. Marcos, Dunmore; William J. Newton, Scranton; Keith M. Novack, Old Forge; Benjamin E. Rochinski, Dickson City; Zachary T. Rollison, Prompton; and Paul A. Winter Jr., Waymart.


Associate in Science in Nursing:  Susan D. Andersen, Pocono Lake; Michael A. Bach, Tunkhannock; Nicolle A. Bodner, Factoryville; Kathryn V. Celano, Archbald; Maria Coles, Peckville;  Nicole E. Cruise, Scranton; Christine A. Degrazia, Carbondale; Cherie M. Demeck, Dunmore; Laurie Fitch, Childs; Michael D. Fowler Jr., Taylor; Laura A. Franks, Greentown; Kathleen S. Giannone, Throop; Nancy Harris, Scranton; Karen M. Howard, Mayfield; Deanna L. Jurbala, Scranton; Jessica L. Kalmanowicz, Clarks Summit; Allison E. Keeler, Scranton; Anita Konopatski, Springville; Cara Kozel, Roaring Brook Twp.; Yvette J. Lampman, Clarks Summit; Janelle R. Ledonne, Greentown; Ashley L. McGee, Archbald; Anne R. Metzo, Pittston; Sabrina E. Muchal, Jessup; Lora A. Nageli, Taylor; Kimberly Newton, Scranton; Kelly A. Noreika, Scranton; Adrienne R. Ogozarek, Greentown; Lisa A. Paden, Moosic; Margaret A. Perrone, Dunmore; Randy S. Sashko, Archbald; Caitlyn N. Schmitz, Clarks Summit; Edward S. Shulde, Dunmore; Kelly A. Snedeker, Scranton; Sean S. Sweetapple, Shohola; Rosemary S. Tallett, Carbondale; Eric A. Taylor, Pittston; Regina G. Uzialko, Archbald; Stephanie M. Van Valen, Scranton; Melissa Vaughn, Lake Ariel; Daniel B. Veneski, Scranton; Angela T. Walter, Peckville; Judith A. Williams, Albrightsville; James C. Wyatt, Wyoming; Igor V. Yarosh, Honesdale; and Jennifer E. Zeller, Dunmore.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing:  Misty R. Bennett, Clifford; David M. Czar, Dunmore; Amy L. Figueiredo, Moscow; Mary Cecilia Grogan, Scranton; Amy L. Jarman, Michelle M. Kofel, Dunmore; Denise L. Krisanda, Madison Twp.; Cathy A. Lamberton, Lake Ariel; Elizabeth A. Lee, Madison Twp.; Maria L. Lisowski, Old Forge; Alyssa D. McBride, Forest City; Brendan T. Noto, West Pittston; Sara K. Pedley, Jefferson Twp.; Jennifer L. Robbins, Wyoming; Sharon L. Rodriguez, Surprise, AZ; Andrea C. Schneider, Greentown; Michelle Szymanski, Throop; Michael P. Taramelli, Clarks Summit; Gordon Travis, Archbald; Ann R. Truax, Wilkes-Barre; Janelle L. Walawender, Drums; and Karen L. Zikosky, Taylor.


College of Education, Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Kindergarten Education:  Carrie L. Pacini, Scranton.


College of The Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Law and Society:  Edward J. Foster IV, Throop.


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