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The Chancellor's Cabinet or Leadership Team meet regularly to share information and discuss and resolve campus issues.  The cabinet is composed of the following members:

  • Mary-Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Chancellor
  • H. Durell Johnson, Interim Chief Academic Officer
  • Kim Bogdan, Finance Officer
  • Sandra Feather, Director of Enrollment Management / Admissions
  • Michelle Schutt, Director of Student Affairs
  • Gene Grogan, Director of Business Services
  • Maria Russoniello, Director of Development
  • Marilee Mulvey, Director of Information Technology
  • John Drake, Director of Continuing Education
  • Russell Casey, Faculty Senate Chair
  • Amy Gruzesky, Coordinator, Community Relations and Communications
  • Student Government President, (As Requested)

The cabinet meets bi-weekly.  Agenda items may be submitted to the Chancellor's administrative support coordinator prior to the meeting.  Guests may be invited to the meeting to faciliate discussion or resolution of issues. 

Meeting minutes are available to the cabinet after each meeting and are confidential.