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Dr. Marwan Wafa

Marwan Wafa
Phone: (570) 963-2639 | Email: mawafa@psu.edu
Office: 105 Dawson Building

H. Durell Johnson

H. Durell Johnson
Interim Chief Academic Officer 
Phone: (570) 963-2510 | Email: hdj2@psu.edu
Office: 7 Dawson Building


Kim Bogdan
Finance Officer
Phone: (570) 963-2519 | Email: kao7@psu.edu
Office: 8 Dawson Building

Sandra Feather

Sandra Feather
Director of Enrollment Management / Admissions
Phone: (570) 963-2626 | Email: sjf16@psu.edu
Office: 5 Dawson Building

Matt Nied

Matthew Nied
Interim Director of Student Affairs
Phone: (570) 963-2690 | Email: mdn11@psu.edu
Office: 20 Student Learning Center (Hawk Student Success Center) 

Gene Grogan

Gene Grogan
Director of Business Services
Phone: (570) 963-2516 | Email: etg1@psu.edu
Office: 8 Dawson Building

Maria Russoniello

Maria Russoniello
Director of Development
Phone: (570) 963-2538 | Email: mjr1@psu.edu
Office: 104 Dawson Building

Marilee Mulvey

Marilee Mulvey
Director of Information Technology
Phone: (570) 963-2552 | Email: mrm9@psu.edu
Office: 116 Dawson Building

John Drake

John Drake
Director of Continuing Education
Phone: (570) 963-2602 | Email: jcd15@psu.edu
Office: 108 Gallagher Conference Center

Meg Hatch

Dr. Meg Hatch
Faculty Representative
Phone: (570) 963-2529 | Email: mih10@psu.edu
Office: 105 Dawson Building



Amy Gruzesky

Amy Gruzesky
Coordinator, Community Relations and Communications
Phone: (570) 963-2580 | Email: alg20@psu.edu
Office: 204 Dawson Building


Lori Deffley
Human Resources Manager 4
Phone: (570) 578-8990 | Email: lkd16@psu.edu
Office: 105 Business Building
Penn State Hazleton/Wilkes-Barre/Worthington Scranton

The cabinet meets bi-weekly.  Agenda items may be submitted to the Chancellor's administrative support coordinator prior to the meeting.  Guests may be invited to the meeting to faciliate discussion or resolution of issues.