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Campus Safety Staff

(left to right, Andy Yakubik, John Kapacs)

1st Floor, Study Learning Center
570 - 963-2555 (phone)

Andy Yakubik, Patrol Officer

John Kapacs, Patrol Officer


  • Provide safety to all individuals on campus
  • Provide security to the campus facilities

In case of emergency, dial 911 first and then call Campus Security (963-2555) and state your emergency.

There are three emergency blue phones on campus for emergency use only and are directly linked with the Campus Security.  They are located in Lot #2 by the walkway to the Dawson Building; behind the Library on the patio; and parking Lot #4 at the beginning of the walkway.  If for any reason you need to contact Campus Security from these locations, all you need to do is to press the red button on these phones and talk into the speaker.

During the day, evening and night time hours, security personnel patrol the entire campus including all buildings parking lots and grounds.

Security and Safety provide escort service by request.

There is no charge to park on campus.  Parking decals are required for Faculty/Staff and students (not required for students in the summer semester).  Parking citations are issued to all violators in all parking areas who are in violation of parking regulations.  All parking violation fines/monies collected are deposited with the Student Government Association to support student related activities.