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Penn State Worthington Scranton offers a number of certificate programs for your professional development and personal enrichment.


Career Credit Certificate Programs

Introduction to Psychology

Financial Accounting  

Supply Chain Management



Intro to Psychology (9 credits)- Now Online

This certificate program will provide students with a general education in Psychology as well as more specific areas of Developmental, and Applied and Clinical Psychology.

The Introduction to Psychology certificate program is perfect for someone that is interested in a solid overview of Psychology or is considering a degree in this field.  Courses include: Intro to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology.
This nine-credit certificate requires no prior college education.

Introductory Psychology, PSYCH 100

STARTS - September 8 - December 12, (Off November 22-November 28)

Please call for registration information- 570-963-2600


Financial Accounting Certificate (6 credits) - Online

This six-credit certificate program is perfect for those individuals with exposure and experience in bookkeeping, accounts receivable/payable and other accounting practices with no formal academic education. The program enhances the participant's knowledge in the accounting areas noted below and makes them a more well rounded and informed employee.   

Fundamentals of Accounting I (ACCTG 151) 3 credits

Basic concepts, principles and practices for the recording, summarizing and interpreting of accounting data.

September 8 - October 18


Fundamentals of  Accounting II (ACCTG 152) 3 credits

Accounting for partnerships, corporations, cash flows, certain liabilities and assets and the analysis of financial data. 

October 26 - December 12, (Off November 22- November 28).

Prerequisite: ACCTG 151

NOTE: These are credit courses and all current tuition rates apply. 

Supply Chain Management Certificate- Online

This 12-credit certificate program concentrates on the acquisition and movement of materials through the supply chain.

Basics of Supply Chain Management- SCM 301

Emphasis on the framework for supply chain management; the analysis of logistics costs; and service trade-offs among inventory, transportation and warehousing activities; the strategic role of information technology in supply chains; the use of third-party logistics providers; and the methods of measuring the value of logistics performance.

Tues. and Thurs. August 25 - October 13        6:40pm - 9:10pm                                                 

Transport Systems- SCM 320

Examines components of transportation systems (technological features, operational processes, and cost conditions), the buyer-seller channels for acquiring transportation services, and the strategic and tactical alternatives for transport procurement.

Tues. and Thurs., October 15- December 10        6:40pm  9:10pm

Some prerequisites apply, please call the CE Dept. to register for these classes-570-963-2600

Warehouse and Terminal Management-SCM 416

Administration of warehouse and terminal functions in logistics systems, with analysis of customer service, forecasting, inventory, investment, design, and operation.

Purchasing and Materials-SCM 460

Covers purchasing policies, procedures, order specifications and agreements, supplier selection, and the role of purchasing in production planning and inventory management.

NOTE: These are credit courses and all current tuition rates apply.  


Individual Courses Online

Organizational Communication- CAS 352

Learn to understand and evaluate various theoretical frameworks for making sense of organizational communication.  Recognize and analyze the ways in which organizational roles and relationships affect communication behaviors and processes.

Intro to Human Development and Family Studies - HD FS 129

Students will be introduced to the biological, emotional, cognitive, psychosocial, as well as the social, cultural, and historical factors that influence growth and development across infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and advanced adulthood.

NOTE: These are credit courses and all current tuition rates apply. 


Other Certificates offered by
Penn State Worthington Scranton Continuing Education

Credit Certificates and Customized Non-Credit options are available for on-site delivery at your company

Certificate in Nursing Management (12 credits)

If you are a nurse who aspires to a Supervisory role, this 12 credit online certificate program can help you demonstrate your initiative, learn management skills, and enhance credentials on your resume. This program can provide you with an understanding of the basics of health care organizations and administration; show you how to analyze and manage health care data; and help you apply the latest techniques of personnel management while study at your convenience.

The four courses included in the Certificate Program are:

NURS 430 - Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager - 3 credits

NURS 431 - Data Management for Nurse Managers - 3 credits

NURS 432 - Nursing management of Human Resources - 3 credits

NURS 433 - Seminar for Nurse Managers - 3 credits

Who Should apply- If you have a valid RN license and you wish to enhance your professional credentials or take courses that will provide an introduction to the RN to BS in nursing degree program, Penn State Worthington Scranton’s online Certificate in Nursing Management was designed for you.

There is No Application Fee for nurses applying for the certificate through Penn State Worthington Scranton’s CE Dept. This applies to Non-Degree Undergraduate students only and is just applicable for those seeking the certificate.

NOTE: These are credit courses and all current tuition rates apply.




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