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Our admissions staff is available to answer your questions and schedule appointments for campus tours.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Enrollment Staff

Sandra Feather
Director of Enrollment Management
Adult Education Coordinator
Future Students: sfeather@admissions.psu.edu
Current Students: sjf16@psu.edu
Phone: (570) 963-2626
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Terri Nealon Caputo
Enrollment Specialist
Future Students: tcaputo@admissions.psu.edu
Current Students: tnc2@psu.edu
Phone: (570) 963-2702

Stacy Shattuck
Enrollment Specialist
Future Students: sshattuck@admissions.psu.edu
Current Students: sal268@psu.edu
Phone: (570) 963-2501


Julie Bialkowski
Enrollment Specialist
Future Students: jbialkowski@admissions.psu.edu
Current Students: jcw149@psu.edu
Phone: (570) 963-2750


MaryBeth Benedict

Financial Aid Coordinator
Phone: (570) 963-2692