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Beginning Fall 2014

Lisa Miles

"Starting college at a smaller campus like Penn State Worthington Scranton was the ideal choice for me. The intimate environment and smaller class sizes gave me a greater opportunity to connect with my professors. They helped guide me towards a career that matched my skills and interests. My time at PSWS shaped who I am today and provided me with a strong foundation upon which to build my career. Today, I love my job and each day brings something new. If you’re considering a degree in corporate communication, it’s an exciting career path with many interesting job opportunities for individuals just like you!" -- Lisa Miles, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at MAXIMUS, Inc.

Corporate communicators are more than just writers -- they are highly-skilled professionals in the arts of planning, problem-solving and persuading, with a sharp understanding of their audiences' needs, tastes and interests.

They know how to craft the right message and send it to the right audience at the right time.

This degree features cross-disciplinary coursework in business, information systems and human behavior, along with oral, written and verbal communication skills. The program offers a broad foundation in business principles that can help graduates become effective communicators in a professional setting.

Courses in ethics and psychology are as much a part of this unique program as writing and speaking skills.

Worthington Scranton's Career Services Department will work with students majoring in Corporate Communication to help them find internships with regional businesses and organizations that will provide them with real-world job experience.

The Penn State Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication is distinguished by its cross-disciplinary coursework in business, information systems, human behavior and oral, written and visual communication. In addition, there is a required field experience.

The B.A. provides a broad foundation in business principles, including team projects and problem solving; ethics; oral, written and visual communication skills; and psychology.

This major pairs well with a variety of minors, including business, IST and English, in order to offer students a well-rounded educational experience and a competitive advantage.

Careers in event planning, human resources, marketing, media relations, public information, and public relations are just a few of the avenues open to graduates with a Corporate Communication degree.

For more information contact our Admissions Department at 570-963-2500 or wsadmissions@psu.edu.

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