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Develops the student's core competencies in managing people in efficient and effective ways through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling employee efforts toward maximizing stakeholder returns.  Students learn best practices and develop distinctive competencies in management, such as strategic management and business planning, corporate social responsibility, motivating employees, social networking, effective leadership skills, strategic human resource management, communication skills, and business ethics.


Develops the student's competencies and understanding of the best industry practices in marketing, such as marketing intelligence, product decision making, promotion and communication strategies, pricing decisions, distribution decisions, and technology-based marketing.  The management and marketing option provides the student with skills that are highly valued by commercial entities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and a variety of other institutions.  

Learning Tools

Case studies, business simulations, class and group discussion, participation in executive lecture series, executive mentoring, research projects with faculty, and other learning tools.

Recommended Academic Plan for B.S. in Business (BSB University College at Worthington Scranton)