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RN to BS Program Requirements

Constant changes in health care make it extremely important to keep current in the field. The bachelor’s degree program in Nursing for RNs (RN to BSN) includes a variety of required nursing courses that will help you develop new skills. Students must complete a total of 120 credits of course work.

General Education
PSYCH 100 3 credits
SOC 001 or SOC 005 3 credits
CHEM 101 or CHEM 110 & 111 3-4 credits
MICRB 106 3 credits
MICRB 107 1 credit
HDFS 129 or PSYCH 212 3 credits
ENGL 015 3 credits
NUTR 251 3 credits
STAT 200 4 credits
BIOL 141 3 credits
BIOL 142 1 credit
BIOL 129 4 credits
ENGL 202A,B,C,D 3 credits
CAS 100 3 credits
ARTS (GA) 6 credits
HUMANITIES (GH) 6 credits
Nursing Courses
NURS 390 Transition to Professional Nursing 3 credits
NURS 357 Nursing Informatics 3 credits
NURS 200W Understanding & Applying Nursing Research 3 credits
NURS 251 Health Assessment 3 credits
Nursing Electives 6 credits
Clinical Nursing Courses
NURS 417 Family & Community Health Concepts 4 credits
NURS 465 Health Concepts for Adults with Complex Health Needs 3 credits
NURS 475 Integrated Concepts in Nursing Practice 3 credits
Program Requirements

Nursing Electives

You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives geared toward timely topics of interest, including patient education, case management, and health issues. Independent studies can also be developed with faculty to meet the specialty needs of the returning RN student. 

Minimum credits for graduation = 120
36 of last 60 credits must be PSU credits

Clinical Experience 

The clinical experience is one of the highlights of the Nursing program. It includes experience in hospitals, community-based agencies, occupational and school settings, and other health care institutions in the student’s community. University faculty supervise and teach the clinical courses. You will have ample opportunity to establish long-term collaborative relationships with consumers and professional colleagues. All students must obtain clinical clearances that are required by their clinical contract site.