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Penn State Worthington Scranton offers both the Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees in Letters, Arts, and Sciences.


Associate in Letters, Arts, & Sciences (2LACC)

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The two-year Letters, Arts, and Sciences major allows you to fulfill the General Education requirements, which all Penn State students must complete, while exploring different subject and career areas.

Letters, Arts, and Sciences is a complete two-year degree major. However, graduates who later seek admission to baccalaureate degree majors may apply associate credits toward the new degree. 

Graduates of the Associate in Letters, Arts, and Sciences Degree may qualify for admission to most baccalaureate degree majors .

For the Associate in Arts degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 60 credits is required.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Letters, Arts, & Sciences  (LAS)

Letters, Arts, and Sciences is a multi-disciplinary, theme-oriented, and student-designed major leading to a bachelor of arts degree. The major consists of 36 credits, divided into two sections. The core (12 credits) consists of 3 credits each in the following: research methods/projects; communication skills; theory/application; and critical analysis. The option (24 credits) consists of 15 credits at the 400 level, including a 400 level Capstone Course and 9 supporting credits.

In order to be eligible for entrance to the major, the student must submit a proposal. In consultation with an LAS adviser, the student formulates a proposal designing a program that investigates a theme from the viewpoint of at least three different subject areas. Students may not duplicate existing majors from any academic area. An important standard for entrance to the Letters, Arts, and Sciences major is the student's ability to design a program with academic integrity worthy of a bachelor of arts degree.

For the Bachelor of Arts degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 123 credits is required.