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IST Degree Programs and Minors

Baccalaureate Degree in Information Sciences and Technology (IST).
The IST bachelor of science degree program integrates skills connected with people, information, and technology. The program helps students prepare for careers connected with the ways people create, modify, and use information technologies and how those technologies affect individuals, organizations and societies. The ISTBS program covers topics from software development to social media to business applications for technology. You will feel prepared to step into a career, full speed ahead, after learning to solve real-life issues from many different angles.

Associate Degree in Information Sciences and Technology (2-IST).
This associate degree major is structured to prepare graduates for immediate and continuing employment opportunities in the broad disciplines of information science and technology. Specifically, the major is designed to ensure a thorough knowledge of information systems and includes extensive practice using contemporary technologies in the creation, organization, storage, analysis, evaluation, communication, and transmission of information. The major fosters communications, interpersonal, and group interaction skills through appropriate collaborative and active learning projects and experiences. Technical material covers the structure of database systems, Web and multi-media systems, and considerations in the design of information systems. Students may specialize in one of the following options:

IST Minors