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Program Description

American Studies majors explore United States culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this liberal arts major, students engage a variety of traditional academic fields in their research of the American experience. Taking an active role in shaping the focus of their studies, students may take courses in disciplines such as art, business, communication arts and sciences, education, geography, history, human development and family studies, literature, political science, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, or sociology as they pertain to American culture. Students may choose to add a minor such as Business, Information Science and Technology, International Studies, or Security and Risk Analysis.


American Studies majors graduate with skills that are desired in today’s global economy. Therefore, this major trains students to think logically, critically, and analytically; practice excellence in written and oral communication; master research skills and database use; and connect theory to practical applications.


American Studies graduates are able to seek employment in fields that require superior skills in communication and critical thinking. Depending on their chosen focus in the major, graduates may pursue careers in administrative fields, business, diplomacy, cultural institutions, educational institutions, foundations and non-profit organizations, government, the media, the publishing industry, the recreation industry, and many other fields.


American Studies graduates may also wish to apply to graduate schools in disciplines and fields such as administration, American studies, education, homeland security, law, library and information science, history, political science, and other areas.