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Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors throughout their enrollment at Penn State.  If you want information about a program at another campus or outside your adviser's area of expertise, you need to talk with a college representatitve knowledgable about that program.  Below is a list of campus representatives who can provide information about academic programs offered throughout the University.

 College Advisor  Phone  Email
 College of Agricultural Sciences  Meg Hatch  570-963-2529 mih10@psu.edu
 College of Arts and Architecture  Sharon Toman  570-963-2696 sat11@psu.edu
 Smeal College of Business  James Frese
 570-963-2713 jkf14@psu.edu
 College of Communications  Philip Mosley  570-963-2667 jpm11@psu.edu
 College of Earth and Mineral Sciences  David McDowell
 570-963-2584 dhm13@psu.edu
 College of Education  Patricia Hinchey  570-963-2594 pxh12@psu.edu

 College of Engineering

 Majid Chatsaz     



 College of Health and Human Development     

 Gina Gray



 College of Information Sciences and Technology  Debra Smarkusky  570-963-2593 dls102@psu.edu

 College of Liberal Arts

 Todd Adams



 College of Nursing  Milton Evans  570-963-2644 mme131@psu.edu
 Eberly College of Science  Phuong Pham      570-963-2564


 University College - American Studies  Eva Tettenborn  570-963-2583 eut1@psu.edu
 University College - Business  James Frese  570-963-2713 jkf14@psu.edu
 University College - Corporate Communication  Eva Tettenborn   570-963-2583 eut1@psu.edu
 University College - English  Paul Perrone   570-963-2660 pjp3@psu.edu
 University College - Human Development and Family Studies  Janet Melnick  570-963-2674 jam81@psu.edu
 University College - Letters, Arts, and Sciences  Paul Perrone  570-963-2660 pjp3@psu.edu
 University College - Science  Meg Hatch  570-963-2529 mih10@psu.edu
 PSU Abington, Altoona, Behrend, Berks, and Harrisburg  Gary Edstrom  570-963-2686 gle113@psu.edu
 Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)  Caressa Gearhart
 570-963-2686 gle113@psu.edu
 Provisional and DUS  Gary Edstrom  570-963-2686 gle113@psu.edu
 Honors Program

Todd Adams
Meg Hatch



 International Programs  John Dolis  570-963-2658


Program Representatives