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Procedure for Obtaining Credit by Examination/Experience

Registered nurse students who can demonstrate college level learning in Health Assessment content may request credit by examination (CRX) for NURS 251. The following procedure is to be used to request credit by examination for NURS 251 and can be used for other courses evaluated on an individual basis.

  1. The student will contact her/his advisor to initiate the Credit by Examination process.
  2. The student will complete the University’s Credit by Examination Application (form RG0615) and go to the Finance Office or Bursar to pay the fee. The testing department’s budget is 223-13, 1001.
  3. The student will submit the CRX form (with the paid stamp on it) white and yellow copies to the advisor. Student retains the pink copy.
  4. The exam for the course is an essay examination. The student will prepare a comprehensive document that indicates how the course objectives have been met. The following examples are types of documentation based on the course objectives that may indicate mastery of course objectives. The examples are not intended to be inflexible criteria for documentation as student experiences may vary through differing practice, on-the-job training, in-service education, or continuing education. Students may submit a record of in-service education from the employing institution, and/or copies of continuing education certificates.

    Objective 1. Identify psycho-social, cultural, and developmental factors affecting the health assessment process.
    • Performs health assessments in current work place on a variety of clients (list types).
    • Identifies relevant issues directly related to the individual differences of these clients, provides case examples.
    Objectives 2, 3, 4. Utilize appropriate communication and interviewing techniques.
    • Gathers health history and current health status in a thorough and systematic manner.
    • Documents the health history and current health status.
    • Provide a completed copy of institutional health assessment form (names removed for confidentiality).
    • Submit sample work from evaluation that covers assessment and states student performs this in a manner to meet requirements of her/his job.
    Objectives 5, 6, 7. Performance of a physical exam.
    • Provides copies of physical exams completed in the work place, sample forms.
    • Documentation of classes attended that focus on developing techniques for focused systems exams, i.e., breath sounds class, how to conduct a neuro assessment, performing a physical exam on a comatose patient, etc. May be in-service education or non-credit CE.
    Objective 8. Demonstrates critical thinking in the analysis of physical findings.
    • Provide case examples, sample forms, statements from supervisors, additional continuing education classes attended.
    • Provide evidence of critical analysis of findings and utilization in plan of care.
  5. The student will gather the documenting information and submit it and the CRX form to the advisor.
  6. The advisor will review the content of the essay examination response and sign the CRX form.
  7. The essay response and the CRX form will be mailed to the School of Nursing’s RN to BS Student Admissions and Standards Subcommittee for review and recommendation of action.
  8. The Chair of the Student Admissions and Standards Subcommittee will forward the completed CRX form along with a grade to the School’s designee who will notify the Registrar of the approval of credit by examination for NURS 251 and request that the credits and grade be added to the student’s transcript.
  9. The student is responsible for any fees attached to the process.